5 Killer Resources For Your Web Design Philosophy

March 30th, 2015 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

Ever get Designer’s Block? I do. When I run into a brick wall while designing or writing for websites I tend to go wandering off in different directions looking for inspiration. Fortunately, while using the internet I rarely have to look far. The following is a list of solid, go-to resources that I use regularly.


1. Pinterest – Visit

Yes, believe it or not, I use Pinterest. It’s a whole world of creative and interesting ideas, not just for web design but for pretty much anything you can think of. 


2. Webby Awards – Visit

While I think some of what the Webby Awards has to offer is a bit of a put-on, sometimes I do find occasion to go see what the “latest and greatest” web design awards have to offer. Just don’t compare what you have going on with these guys – chances are good you’re just a tad more pragmatic.


3. Dribble – Visit

Like Pinterest, Dribble is a huge resources for designers but focuses on web and graphic design. No Life Hacks here, but instead you’ll find pure web design genius on open display.


4. Smashing Magazine – Visit

While I generally don’t take part in for-profit online magazines, Smashing Magazine simply has too many professional writers, developers and coders posting articles that I love.


5. W3 Schools – Visit

W3 Schools is my go-to reference for all things CSS, JQuery and PHP. Literally any reference I’ve needed over the past five years has been here.

Designing, blogging and coding is a sort of obsession for me. It’s like creating a self-aware thing that has the potential to entertain millions of people, and occasionally I’m rewarded with feedback or admiration for what I’ve created. 


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