About Us

Who we are and why we're here

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We are a company with a passion for creativity and solution building. We believe in the transformative power of design, high-level programming, automation, and radically open communication. We strive to elevate experiences, service, and to engage and inspire people everywhere. We are always excited to open a new dialog, learn about you while you learn about us, and create something beautiful and functional together.

Business Automation

We love automating boring, repetitive, everyday tasks to free up time so you can focus on building your business.


Protecting yourself, your business and your data from hackers should be your number one priority.

Website Design

Website design, administration, diagnostics, backup and encryption are all within your grasp when you hire JPMicro.

Data Integrity & Backup

Every small business should take steps to protect and securely duplicate their data in both onsite and offsite backups.

Motion Graphics

Using the latest in mograph hardware and software, your TV commercial, presentation or explainer video will knock their socks off. 

Tech Support

Do you have an I.T. related issue that’s just not cooperating with you? Give us a ring. We can help you remotely or onsite.

Meet The Team

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