Technical Support

When it comes to the necessary infrastructure for running your business, few things can be more frustrating when it doesn’t work.


Protecting your investments means protecting your data, too. Our services support firms in creating a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

Website Design

Take advantage of two decades of Web design, administration, facilitation and diagnostics to create a commanding presence on the Web.

JPMicro was founded in 1999 and since that time has grown into one of the the largest technical support & Web firms in the Pensacola area. We are an assertive firm providing our clients a full range of services.

Our offices are located in downtown Pensacola, Florida because this is where we choose to live. However, we serve a wide variety of clients located throughout the United States.

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• Dedication & Integrity

Our team believes that hard work and determination hold the keys to success and follow these principles when helping clients unlock their potential.

• Creating Successful Clients

The purpose behind everything we do at JPMicro revolves around the success of our clients and the enrichment of our relationships.

• Professionalism

By combining our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention.

Technical Support

From certified, professional grade technicians and diagnosticians with decades of experience in the field.

  • Mobile device support – We provide remote and on-site support for your mobile Apple or Android device when you need it. Help with your phone, tablet troubleshooting, and more. We’ll diagnose and fix your mobile problem.
  • Computer repair & assistance – Need computer repair near you? JPMicro offers the highest quality computer repair service nationwide. We can troubleshoot your operating system, memory, RAM or hard drive issues. Remote or on-site or help for your Mac or PC, on-demand.
  • Wifi & Network Connectivity Support – Tired of slow and spotty internet? Our expert techs know how to speed up slow internet. We’ll fix your network connection, boost your WiFi signal, and give you the fastest internet possible. Does your WiFi keep dropping out? We will fix your WiFi, establishing a stable, secure connection. Having trouble with your devices? We will connect all of your mobile and smart devices to your WiFi network and make everything work seamlessly.
  • Smart Device Hook-up – We’ll connect your smart home to make sure all smart devices are working together. Trust the 5-star rated home automation service professionals. Installing products like smart doorbells, plugs, locks, alarms, switches, hubs, lights, thermostats and cameras. From brands like Nest, Arlo, Netgear, Skybell, Samsung, ecobee, Logitech, Iris, Google, Amazon, Ring, August, Honeywell and Sensi.

Protecting your investments means protecting your data, too. Our small firm cybersecurity services support firms in establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

  • Security patches – When vulnerabilities are disclosed, it’s only a matter of time before attackers begin exploiting them. Having a system in place to assess, test, and roll out patches is a vital first defense against attacks.
  • Isolation – Patching is vital, but not easy. We isolate systems you can’t patch quickly by restricting network access.
  • Block Common Malicious File Attachments via security appliance – In addition to the obvious (.EXE, .BAT), we can also block script files (.JS, .VBS, etc.), archive files (.ZIP, .SFX, .7z), and even Office files (.DOC, .DOCX, etc.) and PDFs.
  • User Awareness Training – Many attacks still initially require users clicking something they shouldn’t. We provide training to your end-users about attacks that rely on deception and social engineering.
  • Utilize Ad-Blockers – Even legitimate websites can serve as infection points thanks to malvertising.
  • Enforce Strict Macro Controls – We can block macros in Office files downloaded from the Internet. Macros are abused to download malware and launch malicious scripts.
  • Antivirus & endpoint protection – We utilize the latest in antivirus, anti-malware and endpoint protection using cloud-based software that doesn’t cause slowdowns or resource bottlenecks.
Web Design & Website Facilitation

In today’s competitive market, most businesses need a website, no matter the size or industry, and not just any website – a professionally designed website that can help increase visibility, promote awareness and establish credibility for you. Being a business owner requires a hands-on approach. But when it comes to your Web design and development, you may need to hire experts to help you out.

We work with thousands of small businesses every day, and we know that needs for Web development and design services vary – and change as time goes on. Whether you want to get online for the first time or build a better website than what you currently have, we have the tools and resources you need.

From Web design and development services to hosting and email configuration, we go the extra mile to make sure your website is up and running like a finely-tuned engine. With flexible pricing, on-time guarantees and dedicated and creative professionals, it’s our job to provide whatever level of service you need, when you need it, so you can get back to your business.

  • Beautiful, custom made designs tailored to your business
  • Responsive for optimal viewing on any device
  • Built on the WordPress platform
  • Hosting included with the design package
  • Customizable & scalable design
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • You retain full ownership