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Regular backups may arguably be the single most important step you take for preventing a network disaster.


The leader in comprehensive backup solutions. Integration with File Explorer with scalable cloud storage options.


The most reliable disk imaging backup available. Creates local network hard disk images for later restoration.


For local network level backups. Like Acronis, can also create disk images. Extremely fast and reliable.


Stripped down, fast, and inexpensive with a basic user interface, Crashplan is an extremely easy to use.

Regular Backups Are Essential To Securing Your Company’s Network.

Backups help ensure that regardless of your current security strategy, you have secure and clean data to keep your business running in the case of data loss, a hack attack or even a natural disaster.

Regular backups are an insurance policy for your business. With so much of the modern business supported by computer networks, a loss of your network data can have a crippling financial effect on your business.

Even small security breaches impacting a small number of files, which many small businesses suffer from, can have a major impact. A report from Verizon found that small breaches, which involve the loss of fewer than 100 files, can cost your business between $18,120 and $35,730. Unless you have that kind of money to throw at a preventable problem regularly, then it’s time to implement an effective backup strategy.

If your business stores protected information like phone numbers, social security numbers, email addresses, etc., neglecting your network’s security becomes a massive liability.

Ransomware Can Strike at Any Time

Another trend that is growing across the world is the spread of ransomware. Once you’re hit with ransomware malware, your entire network is encrypted. At that point you’re locked out of your own network until you pay a ransom to hackers, usually with a crypto-currency like Bitcoin.

Without Backups, Natural Disasters Could Put You Out of Business

Statistics from FEMA indicate that 40 percent of businesses fail to open after suffering a natural disaster and additional 25 percent fail within a year. The United States Small Business Administration also finds that a whopping 90 percent of businesses fail two years after suffering a disaster. Part of the problem has to do with failure to back up data, leaving businesses starting from scratch following a disaster.

Unfortunately, many businesses still don’t perform proper backups. For example, one study found that 60 percent of small businesses don’t back up daily and many don’t perform backups at all.

Let’s Get Started On Your Backups

If you want secure and comprehensive backup support, JPMicro has the track record and experience providing managed IT service support for small- and medium-sized businesses in Pensacola. Schedule a meeting with JPMicro or fill out the form above to discuss your technology needs and develop a regular backup strategy that provides real business IT security.


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