How Digital signage can help with reopening your business during COVID-19

How Digital signage can help with reopening your business during COVID-19

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We can’t quarantine forever; the results would be disastrous for both our mental health and our economy. As the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic begins to lessen, we’re seeing businesses slowly take steps toward returning to life as we knew it before – or at least, as close as possible. 

To get back to business smoothly and safely, businesses need to focus on three main things: safety, communication, and technology. Digital signage can help with each of these. 

Safety First

It should be a no-brainer that any business looking to reopen should prioritize public safety and follow the lead of health authorities in continuing to fight the spread of COVID-19. 

Employers should ensure that all staff and visitors at your office, store or work space are keeping a safe distance from each other and wearing face masks. Many places have even come out with branded face masks and use these safety measures as an opportunity to create brand awareness while helping fight the pandemic.

Having clear reminders about health and safety guidelines throughout your workplace will make your transition back to work so much easier. 

Digital signage can be a great tool to add to your pandemic-fighting arsenal. It’s a contact-free way of updating your business displays at a low-cost. Now more than ever, it’s important to switch away from printed posters and flyers that take a lot of time, money, and physical contact to update. With digital signage in place you can easily manage your screens remotely from any device, so you can update your screens from a safe distance in no time.

Safety standards are necessary but won’t make any difference if they aren’t clearly passed along to everybody involved. Your new safety standards must be communicated to any contractors, employees or other staff that work at your business. This can be done by updating your digital signage, sending out company-wide emails, or holding information sessions. Don’t forget about suppliers and guests that visit your organization.

Using digital signage in your lobby, break rooms, sales floor, and other central locations in your business will help you standardize your messaging across all audiences, whether that’s employees, customers, or business partners.

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